Nadya Krylova (Areshina)

(b. in 01.07.1986)

Documentary photographer. Portrait photographer. Lives in Saint Petersburg. Nadya centres her works around the topics of identity as well as the relationship between the personal and the social borders, and takes great interest in different cultures and societies.


2003-2010  — the Faculty of Jurisprudence of St. Petersburg State University. 

2018-2019 — the portrait course of the photographer V.Bykovskaya

2019-2021 — the School of Modern Photography DOCDOCDOC in St. Petersburg


2021 — Lensculture Portrait awards 2021 finalist

2021 — BEARR Trust 30th Anniversary: Photography Competition “Side by Side”                 winner  (EECA category)

2021 — Young photographers Uglich diplomant

2021 — Head On Portrait Award semi-finalist  

2021 — Felix Schoeller Photo Award shortlist

2021 — Julia Margaret Cameron Award (pro section: documentary single — runner up; honorable mention; documentary series — honorable mention)

2022 — Sony Photography award shortlist portrait (professional)  


2021 —  PhotoTop — Moscow (Russia)

About. Надежда Крылова портретный фотограф документальный Санкт-Петербург